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  1. Communication Skills and Career Success
  2. Mainframe Training – Myths and Realities
  3. Mainframe Training – Through the looking glass
  4. Don’t Lose Hope on Quality Training
  5. Quality of Computer Education


  1. Mobile Computing


  1. Take a Break Before ‘IT’ Breaks You – Part II
  2. Take a Break Before ‘IT’ Breaks You – Part I
  3. Ergonomics

Industrial Engineering

  1. Human Resources Development(HRD)
  2. Introduction to Industrial Engineering
  3. Productivity vs. Quality

Information Systems

  1. He who runs the information runs the show
  2. Coping with the information explosion
  3. Reaching Across the Globe Faster – Part II
  4. Reaching Across the Globe Faster – Part I
  5. Beyond Requirements Analysis
  6. Data and Information

Internet and WWW

  1. Dotcom to Customers’.com
  2. Web Surfing Tips


  1. Costing and Estimation
  2. Surviving and Staying Ahead…

Software Engineering

  1. Software Project Management with SWAT
  2. Brook’s Law Revisited…
  3. Being ‘Creative’ in Software Development


  1. Touch Typing
  2. Speed Reading
  3. Mind Mapping